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April 2011


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Sunday Snapshot #19 (featuring some of my favourite links ever!)

By Amy CT · February 27, 2011 · 6 Comments · 32 Views

- The way my desk becomes quite so ludicrously cluttered when essay deadlines start rearing their ugly heads and making me feel guilty. BUT IT'S OK. One essay down; one to go. Hurrah!

- Realising that I have basically had the best week ever - from last Friday to this Friday, and beyond, in fact. Here's to always feeling this good.

- The truth behind Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, as told to the Guardian

- The knowledge that my friends are planning some form of surprise for my birthday (you're all really bad at hiding things, mmkay?). I hate my birthday and I hate surprises. This is gonna be fuuuuuuun...

- These genuinely amazing levitation photos I found - they make me smile so much!

- Skype conversations with Sarah, which are always one of my favourite things of the week

- Seeing Breath of Life at the Sheffielf Lyceum on Friday night. Even if we were thirty years younger than everyone else in the audience, it was truly one of the best plays I have EVER seen. I could go on and on and on and on about this, so I won't bore you. Such fun. (A nod to all those in the know... ha)

- Ever wanted to take a trip to wish camp? Sounds gorgeous, to be honest (:

- The last episode of Channel 4's fabulous drama The Promise tonight - this makes me sad :(

Image: tumblr (somewhere unknown, m'afraid...)

- Taking part in the 30 Day Song Challenge, which I found on facebook. I've never done anything like this because it's always seemed so cheesy - but I basically see the world through song lyrics, so this one seems really interesting. You can see my posts on tumblr, and see how long I manage to keep it up, too!

- I really want to make one of these - a list of things I want to do before I die. Good idea? Bad idea? Weird idea?

- Actually managing to accidentally replicate Pret's recipe for tomato soup today. This is what success now feels like, to me!

- Being told that the fragment of a script I've written (and rediscovered recently) isn't actually crap at all - hurrah! :)

- Two of my favourite YouTubers singing one of my favourite songs

- Learning my lines for the next USLES play, Frankenstein (albeit a modernised, comedy version).

- Oh, hang on; did I say "learning my lines"? I meant "utterly failing to learn my lines"... My mistake!

- An interview with the lovely Nicola Walker (and Richard Armitage, too...) about Spooks... I have a feeling that MSN may have slightly mistimed this, BUT I DON'T CARE. :)

- Watching Friends for the first time in my life on Monday. Facebook just about exploded when I told it this. It was funny. :)

- THIS picture, which makes me giggle a LOT. Surely anyone likes a cupcake?!

- Going to bed at 9 o'clock on a Saturday. Rock and roll. (And yes, there is a song in there somewhere)

What's been happening in your world this week? <3


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Monday Snapshot (Again)

By Amy CT · February 21, 2011 · 3 Comments · 62 Views

- LONDON. Which is pretty much what this whole post is going to be about. And which is why it's so late - I got back very late last night and was very very very tired!

- A fabulous day on Friday with Sherin, Susie and Rachel Phipps :) Meeting up with bloggers you've read for a long time is like meeting old friends - you feel like you've known them all your life even though you've only just met them. Sherin and Susie were the nicest people ever - and two of the prettiest! BUT, it was lovely not to be the only short person there!

- Managing to spend the whole day with Rachel P without either of us killing each other! (We're... politically different...) We had the best day.

- Buying my first ever copy of Bust magazine - America's feminist fashion magazine. SUCH a shame it's only sold in Selfridges (that I know of)

- Watching Wicked again with Soph and Rachel C. We saw the understudy for Elphaba's understudy - and she was just exquisite. I don't even remember her name - but I was so, so blown away.

- Queuing for two-and-a-bit hours in the freezing rain for day tickets to see Season's Greetings at the National Theatre. It took all day for my boots to dry out - but my GOD it was worth it! I had a seat on the front row in the middle, and it was one of the best plays I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of plays!)

- Meeting my favourite actress, Nicola Walker (above) at the stage-door after seeing the play. She was just the loveliest person, and she spoke to me (and my friend Nia, who I went with) for ages without being remotely freaked out that I was a slightly neurotic mess... (I reviewed Nicola's performance especially when I looked at Spooks Season 9 in November - see it HERE)

- The brand new website for Forge Press (which I'm Comment Editor of) - and our new Forge Debate twitter account!

- You only have one day left to enter my blogiversary giveaway!

- Dreading the sheer number of posts and emails I have to catch up on since getting back from London... nightmare. Actual nightmare. (Unless you're Sarah, in which case 400 emails looks like nothing!)

- Fashion Mavericks Season 3 at the Strand Palace Hotel yesterday, with Susie, Rachel C and BSB's PR Rep Nicole. We had the most amazing seats, and it was so interesting to see what everyone else thought. The second of the three shows was stunning... but we're all undecided on the rest!

- Wishing that I was still in London for Day Two of Fashion Maverivcks... Sadface.  The Obscure Couture Show promises to be amazing!

- The anti-Valentine's short story I put up on V-day itself. Ho hum.

- Wondering how I ever got so lucky with my British Style Bloggers staff... and especially our new face, Sherin, who has agreed to be a co-Features Editor with Susie.

- Being sad that I don't have more links to share with you today...


What have you been up to this week? Any links I should know about? :)


Sunday Snapshot #18

By Amy CT · February 13, 2011 · 0 Comments · 91 Views

Original Image: HERE

- Gosh darn it, isn't it embarrassing when fanfiction manages to summarise your life so completely...? (The quote on the image, FYI. A little anti-Valentines grumpiness for you there...)

- Should the theatre be protesting more? (From The Guardian)

- Spending a lovely afternoon hand-making business cards on Friday - I had such a good time, and my flatmates were helping me pick quotes :)

- I keep changing my mind about Gala Darling... sometimes, I love her, and sometimes she irks me. What think you?

- More Take Me Out love! One of our student communities hosted its own on Friday - and one of my friends bagged herself a date...

- Single People's Pancake Party tomorrow night. Yaaaaay :)

- Fancy joining the editor of the Independent? Yes, please!

- I'm so looking forward to next Saturday! I'm hoping to get day tickets for Season's Greetings at the National Theatre, and I'm going for a wander round London with some Spooks-fan-friends... Geeky Amy is happy happy!

- How do you relax?

Image: HERE

- Owl City's version of Taylor Swift's Enchanted - a reply to the song that she wrote about him, in time for Valentine's day. I don't especially like his music - but how sweet is that?! Excuse me whilst I just go and melt into a big pool of fangirly goo, please...

- Wondering whether any of the BSB staff will ever reply to emails. I'm thinking not.

- Racing Demon at the Crucible Theatre last night - so much fun with some good friends. Oh, and forearms. Cannae forget the forearms.

- Company Magazine thinks it's time we started calling ourselves feminists! Here here!

- You're My Silver Lining - fuelling my tumblr addiction since 6/2/11...

- Casting sessions for the next U.S.L.E.S. production - I'm hoping to be in the comedy version of 'Frankenstein' we're putting on...

- IFB's post on Fashion Week Technology has me fuming... is it not possible to report properly without being a bazillionaire?!

- Macaroni cheese with roasted vegetables. Better than it sounds, believe me!

- Blog Bashing - Brunette Blogging's thoughts on the fashion-editors-verses-fashion-bloggers debate

What's been happening in your world this week? Have you got a link you'd love to share?



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Monday Snapshot

By Amy CT · February 7, 2011 · 4 Comments · 76 Views

- An apology for being so sporadic with my posts recently! I went home last week and everything's been a bit crazy - but the new semester starts today so I'm hoping to get back to normal very very very soon :)

- Getting to see my best friend Sarah in Manchester, and having the most random, giggly and gossipy afternoon... with toy dragons! (Obviously)

- What do do when your brand is 'Coveted' - how to protect your blog. A must read!

- Coming home from three days without internet to 70 emails and 55 bloglovin' posts. Dear lord!

- Rachel and I launching our campaign, Nature Made Us Beautiful, last weekend. Please get involved!

- Why I'm so excited about my year in Australia, thanks to the Independent!

- A scary thought I'd never had until yesterday - what if I love it so much in Australia that I never want to come home?!

- Having a "favourites" folder on Chrome just for Sunday/Monday Snapshot links... which is why this post is so much better than usual! (Or, so I'd like to think!)

- Confessions of a Teenage Fangirl's search for her perfect literary boyfriend, in time for V-day

- How to set up a feminist activist group at your school, from Femonster

- Losing rather spectacularly at the Cardboard Box game with my cousins. Thanks for that, guys.

- Testing out the Dior nailvarnish I won in Florrie's giveaway <3

- 50 ways to woo your muse

- Watching a little too much really bad television - my new addiction to Take Me Out is genuinely shocking, and I can't believe I just admitted that in public!

- How to just ignore everybody, and get creative!

- My new module in The Making of The Twentieth Century - some wars, some revolutions, and some nuclear missiles... my favourite kind of history!

- On Being A Feminist Beauty Blogger - courtesy of Those Graces, one of my favourite new blogs

- Dancing round and round the kitchen to American Pie with my Mum, Gran, Auntie and Great (!) Aunt. I've not had so much fun in a very, very long time!

- Definitely read THIS if you have facebook. It's kind of scary, but very, very important!

- Counting down to London Fun Week <3

- Company Magazine's fabulous series of features on travelling at the moment - it's a big old world out there and I want to see all of it, so I love how they're encouraging everyone to do just that!

- One of the funniest websites I've seen in a long while!

- My new, and somewhat annoying addiction to Tumblr...

So what's been happening in your world these past couple of weeks? It's been a while!


Sunday Snapshot #17

By Amy CT · January 23, 2011 · 3 Comments · 43 Views

- The North of England is a beautiful place! And I've been having a wonderful time taking photos of my city (Sheffield) to prove it.

- The relaunch of Nature Made Us Beautiful next weekend - and getting to spend the whole weekend having a fun and fashionable time with Rachel...

- ...after my 9am exam next Saturday. Boo, hiss.

- Being healthy! I've been so busy with revision and work recently that I've been eating a tonne of rubbish - which always makes me feel pretty rubbish, too. This week, I'm trying extra hard to eat yummy, healthy food.

- Gala Darling's 100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now - even though I'm not Gala's biggest fan (*cough*), I love this.

- Carrying my camera with my absolutely everywhere (you never know when the sun might catch something and make it glitter!)

- Being able to go to London for the first weekend of Fashion Week  - looking forward to meeting Susie and Sherin, as well as seeing Rachel and all the other BSB girls!

- Realising that the state I'll be living in next year has the same initials as me... ACT in ACT!

- Watching Legally Blonde The Musical on YouTube. I love it so much!

- Making new writer-friends - always makes me smile!

- IFB's post on Personality Conflicts in the Blogosphere - how very apt... (a comment aimed at two very good friends who know who they are!)

- Working out what to make for Pay It Forward 2011 - thank heavens!

- When my BSB columnists are as lovely and organised as Naomi has been, I am a very happy person :)

What's happening in your world this week?


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Sunday Snapshot #16

By Amy CT · January 16, 2011 · 4 Comments · 77 Views

Image: HERE

- Watching [500] Days of Summer whilst I write this - and enjoying it a truly inexplicable amount

- Being back at uni, with my lovely flatmates and friends. Hurrah for tea breaks once more!

- Leia's post about why blog readers don't comment... I've often wondered!

- Being in this week's Links a la Mode - thank you so much IFB :)

Image: HERE

- My amazing Writing Squad meeting yesterday, which finally solved the problem of the character I didn't know what to do with!

- My flatmates wanting to watch Silent Witness. Truly, I am home...

- Harriet's post on surviving January

- Getting my year abroad in Canberra from June(ish)! I have spent forever since calculating what time it is on the East Coast of Aus!

- Rachel finally watched Atonement! Hooray!

- Cooking! New recipe up pretty soon :) Yay


Sunday Snapshot #14

By Amy CT · January 2, 2011 · 3 Comments · 78 Views

- The wonderful painting Claire did me for my British Style Bloggers' Secret Snowflake (above) - I love it! <3

- Waiting for my silly domain name to map itself...

- The marvellousness of internet-generated new year's resolutions!

- Rachel's lovely, cheery Goodbye 2010 post

- Happy New Year - and how to make the most of the year ahead

- Mourning the end of Ugly Betty

- Replacing Sarah as my best friend... again?!

- Femonster, where I nabbed the picture above from

- CHRISTMAS DOCTOR WHO. I cannot possibly have watched this too many times. I can never watch this too many times!

- Dreaming of fireworks on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney next new year - cross your fingers for me?

- Three words: Silent Witness tomorrow

- Knuckling down to do some serious coursework (however much I don't want to)

- But mostly, looking forward to seeing all my school friends again after so long!

What's been happening in your world this week?


- A -

Sunday Snapshot #13

By Amy CT · November 28, 2010 · 4 Comments · 46 Views

Image: HERE

- Christmas shopping with my Gran in the snow

- My favourite old person of the day

- The freezing temperatures outside at the moment - rumour has it that it's minus 7 Celsius out right now!

- Trying to write Katie's birthday card in Russian

- Forge Press' photo shoot at Firth Court - as seen on Kate's blog

- Dreaming of going home for Christmas, and seeing my friends from school again

- Second row, central tickets for Taylor Swift in Manchester in March!

Image: HERE

- Singing panto rehearsals tomorrow... oh lord!

- "I was enchanted to meet you..."

- Rediscovering my inner feminist, thanks to THIS fabulous tumlr!

- I kind of think that you should read this, to be honest

- December's theme at British Style Bloggers has been announced on twitter - go have a look!

- How To Become A Style Blogger (for giggles) as seen on Rachel's blog

- Looking forward to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham next Saturday!

What's been happening in your world this week?


- A -

PS: Massive shameless plug!! If anyone in a northerly area of the UK fancies coming to see me as Buttons in the University of Sheffield's Xmas panto, let me know! All proceeds go to Neurocare, a charity which basically saved my Mum's life - so the more the merrier!

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Sunday Snapshot #12

By Amy CT · November 21, 2010 · 10 Comments · 46 Views

- Going to see Harry Potter in costume with my friends on Friday

- POP TARTS, The Summer of '69, and dancing like a raving loonie <3

- Cups of tea in proper tea pots

- Secret Snowflake at British Style Bloggers this festive season

- My new favourite shop ever, and buying Christmas presents for my favourite girls there :)

- Sulking at my laptop because it's being smelly and stupid and stuff

- McFly. In Sheffield. On my birthday. Eep!

- Lovely emails which make me smile so much - I needed that

- COOKING. Everything in my room now smells of Mediterranean vegetables!

- Reporting from the Forge Press fashion shoot, backstage, on Tuesday morning <3 Excitements!

What's been happening in your world lately?


- A -

EDIT: Photos courtesy of the lovely Katie Davies.

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Sunday Snapshot #11

By Amy CT · November 14, 2010 · 5 Comments · 42 Views

- The amazing new war-time poster I bought for my room. I really want the other one (below somewhere) too, but it would blend in with my wallpaper!

- Kenyan raves in my kitchen. Lots of swearing on my part. Sorry about that.

- Remembrance Sunday

- Going up in Rachel's cool estimations

- Being on the phone for so long, so loudly that I didn't even notice my flatmates leave for the pub quiz. Woops.

- The end of Spooks Season 9. Sob.

- Paramore at Sheffield Arena with Sarah - big grins, lots of fun, and looking forward to Taylor Swift in March!

- The X Factor. Really?

- Slicing my finger instead of an onion for the third time in a week, but...

- ...successfully making Toad In The Hole, cheesy mash and roasted vegetables for my Gran's birthday dinner!

- Who needs enemies with friends like these?

- Picking Study Abroad universities. So far: Queensland, Toronto, Waterloo, Wollongong (NSW, Aus), Sydney... I need one more!

- Lectures starting again tomorrow. Oh well.

What's been happening in your world this week?


- A -


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